Angela & John | Overhill Mansion | June 4, 2011

Angela & John believe in fate. 

It began 3 years ago on St. Patrick day both John and Angela didn’t want to go out since the day fell during the week.  Little did they know that this was the day that was going to change their lives.  While John was telling me about how they meet he stated that he kept looking at Angela acrossed the bar and thought that she was beautiful.  However he didn’t realize how much he was attracted to her until she wasn’t at the same spot and his stomach dropped.  I am thrilled that John and Angela where able to make a their contection that day which lead to their wedding day on June 4, 2011. 

Angela & John, I am glad that I was able to capture your day and the love that you share.  It was a pleasure and I loved spending time with both of you and your family. 

Ceremony : St. Johns Episcopal Church in Ellicott City

Reception : Overhill Mansion in Catonsville

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