Kent Manor Inn Wedding- Kristen and James

Kristen and James were married this past fall at the gorgeous Kent Manor Inn. I had the priveledge of working with Dunks Photo on their wedding day.

Kent Manor Inn has the most incredible afternoon light and Kristen and James wedding day was no exception from their first look all the way until their reception began the light was amazing. I wish you both a lifetime of joy and happiness.

J. Hurst Photography_0249.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0185.jpg
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J. Hurst Photography_0186.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0187.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0188.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0189.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0190.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0250.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0251.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0252.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0253.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0254.jpg

I love capturing the first look for our couples. Leading up to the first look you can feel the excitement in the air. J. Hurst Photography_0191.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0192.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0193.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0194.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0195.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0196.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0197.jpg
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J. Hurst Photography_0199.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0200.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0201.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0202.jpg

J. Hurst Photography_0211.jpg
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J. Hurst Photography_0214.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0215.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0216.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0217.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0218.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0219.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0220.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0221.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0222.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0223.jpg
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J. Hurst Photography_0227.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0228.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0231.jpg
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J. Hurst Photography_0229.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0230.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0267.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0268.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0232.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0233.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0234.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0235.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0236.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0237.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0238.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0239.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0240.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0241.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0242.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0243.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0244.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0245.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0246.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0263.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0264.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0265.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0269.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0270.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0271.jpg
J. Hurst Photography_0183.jpg

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