Letters to my Children / July 2013

So despite my better judgment I decided this past month to let you play in the MONSTER puddle while we were camping.  The thought of the germs still make my skin crawl but seeing the look of joy on both of your faces made me quickly realize that it was worth the risk.  The giggling that you both were doing was enough to make any bad thought or worry just melt away.


I love that when I recommended to take the boogie board you both jumped at the chance.  After all this puddle was honestly about 18 inches deep and about the size of a football field.


Buddy this is the first time in a LONG time that you were the camera hog….  I loved it and I think so did Brooke.  She was photo bombing you at every opportunity and because this project isn’t about perfection it perfect.


One last note because I know you both read my blog and LOVE reading about yourself.  I love you both more than you can ever imagine…  You are my best work!

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