Letters to my children- My lil’ Man…..

I know that my time calling you my Lil’ man, baby man, my love and all of the other million nick names that I have given you are just about up!

I love the fact that you are so mellow.  You have a wicked sense of humor and sometimes it takes people a little bit to “get you”.  Your ability to get things amazes me to no end.  You have been playing soccer since you were three and it is almost like you were born with the ball at your feet.  I love to say that you ability comes from the fact that I let you dribble your ball around the house when you were really little but I don’t think that is why.  This past year we let you play football and while it took you a bit you really came around and loved the game.  I think it was a challenge for you in some aspects and we are happy that you were able to figure things out.

It was so rewarding to watch you work at almost every practice trying to kick and extra point.  You must have kicked 50+ balls at practice just trying to get closer and closer.  When you finally got one during a game I was proud that you made it but more proud that you stuck to it and kept trying.  Then you moved onto your next challenge which was making more…then more…..You ended the season with 4 extra points which equal 8 points for your age group.  The referees said that they had not seen one kicked at all this past year.

I love that you still think it is okay to give your Mom a hug and a kiss.  I know that will soon be ending because I will be embarrassing but know that in my heart you will always be my lil’ man.  I guess I will just have to stick with calling you buddy for now.

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So since letting Mom shoot you with a camera is nothing short of painful I will stick with some of your sports pictures from the last year :)

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