To my Sweet Girl….{Letters to my children}

To my sweet girl, not a day goes by that I am not amazed by your love of life.  You wake up and can’t wait for the next project or the next adventure.  We often joke that you are going to be a doctor because of you lack of needing sleep and your eternal yearning for growth.  You want to know EVERYTHING about everything.   You often come home from school and asking me if I know about something and then supply me with all the facts.  Some I know, but others I had no idea.


I love that when you dive into a project you want to do ALL of it.  There is not doing just a little with you.  You  want to do it all and you will find joy in it everything.


I know I still think of you as my baby and that sometimes upsets you but you need to realize that you will never outgrow being my baby.  You will for be MY baby for eternity.


I hope that you never tire of this Love of life and love of learning.  It amazes me and makes my heart happy to see you growing up and into such a wonderful person.  Now keep singing your heart out my sweet girl.  I will forever be by your side.

Letters to our Children– Keep reading our circle with my friend Stacy’s of Stacey Loveridge Photography’s letter.


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